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Space exploration - A mining base on a near-Earth asteroid featuring arrays of solar photovoltaic panels; NEAs; space station; space habitat; in-situ resource utilization; propellant depot; planetoids; Near-Earth Objects; NEOs; Yarkovsky effect; in-situ resource utilization; ISRU; propulsive fluid accumulator; propellant depot; space architecture; space colonization - Space Art Illustration

Asteroid mining outpost #2

A massive manned mining outpost is built around a rocky near-Earth asteroid about 300 million miles from Earth. In the foreground are arrays of solar photovoltaic panels similar to those currently supplying power to the International Space Station (ISS).

This oblong asteroid is approximately 2,000 feet long by 1,000 feet wide. The mining base and its supporting structure is nearly one-half statute mile long.

Based upon an original model by SolCommand (


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