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Earth (Dinosaurs)

Natural history of the Earth in chronological order

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Precambrian Eon

4.5 billion to 542 million years ago

Paleozoic Era

The explosion of life's diversity

Mesozoic Era

The age of dinosaurs

Cenozoic Era

The age of mammals

Holocene Epoch

The age of humans

Future Earth

The next 6 billion years




Precambrian Eon 4.5 billion - 542 million years ago
Earth is born Eoarchean Earth
Meteorite strike on infant Earth Archean stromatolites
Young Earth & Moon Snowball Earth
Click here to see full-size version Ancient terrestrial landscape Ediacaran Earth


Paleozoic Era 542 - 251 million years ago

Cambrian Period

Middle Cambrian Pirania A smack of jellyfish
Middle Cambrian Dinomischus A smack of jellyfish No. 2
Olenoides serratus (trilobite) Swarm of Portuguese Man o' War


Ordovician Period

Orthoceratites & trilobites First terrestrial arthropods
Paraceraurus trilobite    


Silurian Period

Silurian Earth Pterygotus
Phacops trilobites in a Silurian sea First plants
Phacops face Gosslingia


Devonian Period

Aglaophyton bay Dipterus ashore
Pteraspis contre-jour Devonian canopy
Doryaspis & Actiniaria Drepanaspis portrait
Asteroxylon swamp Bothriolepis underwater
Calamites & Asteroxylon Bothriolepis ashore
Coelacanth portrait Dunkleosteus & Cladoselache
Calamites & Drepanophycus Ichthyostega and Rhacophyton
First trees Ichthyostega portrait
Archaeopteris contre-jour Ichthyostega underwater


Carboniferous Period

Carboniferous forest Meganeura sunrise
Carboniferous forest in afternoon light

Carboniferous riverbank
Carboniferous forest canopy Carboniferous firestorm
Cordaites angulostriatus & Lepidodendron aculeatum Carboniferous swamp with Eryops
Neuropteris Eogyrinus swimming
Dendrerpeton Conifers and Cordaitales
Arthropleura amidst Neuropteris Edaphosaurus amidst Cordaites
Calamites & Meganeura    


Permian Period

Diplocaulus Jonkeria
Archegosaurus Ring arcs over the Permian Earth
Dimetrodon grandis portrait Cordaites & Araucaria rainstorm
Dimetrodon lakeside Cordaites & Araucaria sunset
Dimetrodon fracas Estemmenosuchus uralensis grazing
Dimetrodon amidst Alethopteris Estemmenosuchus mirabilis waterside
Cotylorhynchus Estemmenosuchus mirabilis portrait
Lycaenops Moschops on the rocks


Mesozoic Era 251 - 65 million years ago

Triassic Period

Kannemeyeria grazing Desmatosuchus rooting
Shonisaurus Pterosaurs amidst Bjuvia
Prestosuchus amidst cycads Postosuchus on hilltop
Tanystropheus Coelophysis amongst Araucaria


Jurassic Period

Early Jurassic Earth Camptosaurus
Dimorphodon on the beach Diplodocus and pterodactyls
Dimorphodon portrait Allosaurus amidst Sequoias
Early Jurassic ammonite Allosaurus meets Stegosaurus
Cryolophosaurus Torvosaurus and rainbow
Dorygnathus at altitude Compsognathus portrait
Dilophosaurus amidst Williamsonia No. 2 Compsognathus with lizard
Dilophosaurus amidst Ginkgos Mamenchisaurus hochuanensis
Middle Jurassic ammonites Archaeopteryx defending


Cretaceous Period

Psittacosaurus and pond Lambeosaurus riverside
Zhenyuanopterus portrait Parasaurolophus and waterfall
Zhenyuanopterus Colorful Pentaceratops
Caudipteryx amidst Williamsonia Pentaceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Caudipteryx & peacock compared Enchodus estuary
Microraptor and fern forest Western Interior Seaway
Suchomimus on the prowl Cretaceous marine predators
Suchomimus tenerensis fishing Cretaceous marine predators II
Ouranosaurus stalked by Sarcosuchus Torosaurus riverside
Sarcosuchus & Ornithopoda dinosaurs

Colorful Torosaurus
Sarcosuchus & crocodiles compared

Torosaurus & White Rhinoceros compared
Sauroposeidon & Sycamore

Einiosaurus grazing
Sauroposeidon & Deinonychus

Einiosaurus portrait
Sauroposeidon & Acrocanthosaurus

Einiosaurus & White Rhinoceros compared
Anhanguera over peninsula Nedoceratops under an Oak tree

Nedoceratops portrait
Cretaceous lunar strike

Nedoceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Kaprosuchus & baobab Diabloceratops portrait
Crichtonsaurus & frogs

Diabloceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Late Cretaceous Earth

Zuniceratops portrait

Isisaurus colberti
Zuniceratops & White Rhinoceros compared Late Cretaceous India
Zhejiangopterus portrait Tyrannosaurus roaring
Antarctosaurus stalked by Abelisaurus Tyrannosaurus rex
Elasmosaurus courtship Tyrannosaurus rex & polar bear compared
Colorful Albertaceratops

Colorful Triceratops
Albertaceratops & White Rhinoceros compared Triceratops & White Rhinoceros compared
Styracosaurus and flowers Purgatorius and Bistahieversor


Cenozoic Era 65 million years ago - present

Paleogene Period

Eurohippus Brontotherium with birds
Eurohippus & horse compared Brontotherium & White Rhinoceros compared
Moeritherium Paraceratherium and child
Click here to see full-size version Brontotherium Paraceratherium & White Rhinoceros compared


Neogene Period

Platybelodon in stream Deinotherium on rolling plains
Platybelodon & African Elephant compared Deinotherium & African Elephant compared


Quaternary Period

Pleistocene Black Vultures Mammoths & dire wolves
Elasmotherium Woolly Mammoth & African Elephant compared
Elasmotherium standoff Click here to see full-size version Nancy's Canyon Sunrise
Elasmotherium & White Rhinoceros compared Doedicurus and Eremotherium
Woolly rhinoceros Doedicurus & armadillo compared


Holocene Epoch 12,000 years ago - present
The Pharos of Alexandria at twilight    
Andean Condors & Amazonian village    
Western Screech Owls & electric substation    
House Sparrows & electric substation    


Future Earth The next 6 billion years
Urban ruins with Grey Owls South Asia with sea level +100m
African Spoonbills and tower ruins Asia with sea level +100m
Earth's Western hemisphere with sea level +100m Australia with sea level +100m
Earth's Western/Eastern hemisphere with sea level +100m Earth 500 million years from now
Earth's Eastern hemisphere with sea level +100m Space ark
North America with sea level +100m Earth 6 billion AD
South America with sea level +100m Earth losing atmosphere to red giant Sun
Europe with sea level +100m    

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