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 Dubuque, Iowa, USA
 500 MM years from now

Mean atmospheric O2

Mean atmospheric CO2

Mean temperature
 50C above current level*

Future Earth: Earth 500 million AD - Science Fiction Illustration Geologic Time Scale

Eon: Undefined


Earth 500 million years from now

The Earth as it may appear 500 million years from now. By this time the Sun will have grown considerably hotter due to its natural evolution as a type G5V star, making the Earth a hotter place as well.

While it is unlikely that beings that look or think anything like us would still populate the Earth 500 million years from now (humans would have evolved on to other forms; evidence 500 million years ago the most highly evolved life forms on the Earth were fish), if we were still here in our present form, we would likely find the Earth very inhospitable.

In this image the artist suggests an Earth buried by layers of cities built by a hundred million generations of our descendants.

Astronomy Magazine commissioned this image for their January 2000 issue.



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